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Jesse McCartney


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Jesse McCartney
Name: Jesse McCartney
DOB: April 9, 1987
Current Residence: Westchester, NY
Current Age: 17
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Best Feature: Smile
Siblings: 1 younger brother and sister
Hobbies: Baseball, Four Wheeling
What type of girl do you like: Girls who who wear Abercrombie & Fitch
Do you have a girlfriend: Not at the present time


Word or Phrase: Zip it
Clothing Line: Structure
Subject: Math
Sport: Baseball
Musical Group: Aerosmith, Sting, James Taylor
Food: Fried dumplings, Beef jerky
Candy: Hershey Kisses
Color: Orange
Car: Ferrari
TV Show: Friends
Movie: Sixth Sense
Favorite Actor/Actress: Robin Williams/Joan Cusack
Favorite Dream Street Song: It Happens Every Time
Personal Message To Fans: Don't ever give up your dreams!

Vist WWW.JESSEMCCARTNEY.COM for more info on this star!


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